Flood Risk Assessments

February 16, 2024

Ok so it is wet! Puddles that look more like ponds. Roads covered with water hiding the unknown.

Flooding is a reality in the UK within many areas.

A Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) is therefore vital when undertaking any construction project (as well as often being a mandatory planning report).

Flood risk – refers to the potential for flooding to occur in a particular area. An FRA typically looks to quantify the likelihood of fluvial, pluvial (surface water), artificial, groundwater and reservoir flooding on a development.

An FRA is typically prepared on the basis of government flood mapping, historical flood data, topography information, proximity to water bodies and review of Environment Agency and Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) information.

Different developments have different flood risk vulnerability classifications – residential developments are more sensitive to flooding then a quarry for example.

A Flood Risk Assessment can influence many decisions on a development site and is crucial for several reasons:

  • Regulatory compliance – compliance with government regulations to attain planning permission and ensure safety.
  • Site selection – selecting a site with low flood risk reduces the likelihood of damage to structures and infrastructure during extreme weather events.
  • Design considerations – Buildings, bridges, roads and other infrastructure should be designed to withstand potential flooding.
  • Infrastructure planning – such as drainage and highway designs. SuDS and stormwater management.
  • Risk Management – by understanding the risk, engineers and planners can develop strategies to mitigate the potential impact of future flooding.

At Civilistix we understand the importance of Flood Risk Assessments in construction projects. Don’t let floods wash away your plans – contact us for all your civil engineering needs, including FRA’s.

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