Little Canfield Business Park, Essex

Drainage detailed design services and external hardstanding detailed design services

Services offered

  • Drainage Detailed Design Services
  • External Hardstanding Detailed Design Services

The brief

Civilistix engineers were appointed to provide civil engineering services in respect of the Old Winfresh Site, Essex.  Our scope was to prepare full civils design packages for a ~5,000m2 service yard area to support the operations of the existing business as well as design remediation of the existing access road, refuelling area and general storage areas.

What we did

We prepared a full gravity surface water drainage system encompassing linear drainage within the service yard, conveying runoff to an oil interceptor before being conveyed to a 250m3 geo-cellular storage tank before being released at 2.00 l/s for all events up to an including the 100 year plus 40% climate change event.

We designed the service yard slab based on the estimated 100yr Million Standard Axle (MSA) loading and prepared full external geometry informed by vehicle tracking analysis.

With regards to the access road and storage areas works, we prepared general arrangement plans identifying proposed resurfacing, re-levelling and kerbing works required for remediation as well as locations for new drainage positions.

We provided ongoing site support for the contractor including numerous site visits to ensure satisfactory delivery of the works to the client.