117 Avenue Road, London

Drainage Detailed Design Services and Drainage Planning Services

Services offered

  • Drainage Detailed Design Services
  • Drainage Planning Services

The brief

Civilistix Consulting Engineers were appointed to prepare a detailed civil engineering design package for a proposed development consisting of a large residential dwelling with associated hardstanding area.

What we did

We designed a surface water drainage system which fully infiltrated surface water. The external pavement area would utilise permeable paving construction which would accommodate voided Type 3 sub-base material, allowing for the treatment of runoff.

Our SuDS design consisted of permeable pavements, permavoid diffusers, filter chambers and gravel trenches. Permeable pavements were used for the car park area to accommodate the surface water runoff for all events up to and including the 100 year plus 40% climate change event.  All roof areas drained to a permavoid system located underneath the permeable pavement. The runoff from both the roof and car park areas would then be discharged into the ground.

All foul water would drain under gravity, to the existing private foul water drainage onsite connecting with the public sewer.

Civilistix Consulting Engineers were also appointed to prepare a Surface Water Drainage Strategy Note to discharge Planning Condition 6 in relation to this site. The technical note consisted of a Detailed Drainage Design Package, a conceptual SuDS Strategy Report, a Management Plan for Future Maintenance of the drainage system, an Overland Flow Route Plan and as-built drainage drawings and photographs.