143A All Saints Road, Newmarket

Highway Detailed Design Services and Drainage Detailed Design Services

Services offered

  • Highway Detailed Design Services
  • Drainage Detailed Design Services

The brief

Civilistix Consulting Engineers were appointed to prepare a detailed drainage and external hardstanding engineering package for the redevelopment of an existing dwelling and 4 flats, along with a parking area and associated external hardstanding area.

What we did

We designed foul water to run fully under gravity, via carrier pipes around the buildings to a proposed demarcation chamber. This then connected to the existing public sewer. To agree the sewer connection, a Section 106 application was submitted to Anglian Water.

The ground investigation identified the ground was suitable for infiltration. We therefore proposed a soakaway underneath the car park, collecting surface water from all proposed building and hardstanding areas.

Permeable pavement was used for the full car park area and all drainage was designed to accommodate surface water runoff for all events up to and including the 100 year plus 40% climate change event, in accordance with the latest guidance.

Our fully coordinated external works package included level design, kerb layout design and full depth construction details for the proposed hardstanding area.

We worked in close collaboration with other design teams to deliver a fully coordinated proposed external works and a drainage design solution for the client.