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Drainage Planning and Detailed Design Services

Services offered

  • Drainage Planning Services
  • Drainage Detailed Design Services

The brief

Civilistix Consulting Engineers were appointed to prepare a detailed drainage and external hardstanding engineering package to help deliver 2 multi story residential flat units, on a brownfield site.

What we did

The existing brownfield site consisted of commercial businesses, which were demolished along with all existing statutory infrastructure and the existing drains were grubbed out.

Our fully coordinated drainage solution utilised a gravity drained foul water network for both proposed units. The proposed storm water network utilised a gravity drained pipe network where runoff was attenuated via a lined attenuation tank before entering the public sewer infrastructure. We were tasked to apply to Thames Water Utility, on behalf of the client, to agree private connections made to the public drainage infrastructure.

We were tasked to provide finished ground levels and set proposed Finished Floor Levels (FFL’s) for the proposed developments within the private boundary extents.

Our fully coordinated external works package included level design, kerb layout design and full depth construction details for proposed hardstanding.

Challenges overcome:

  • The red line boundary extents were equal to the existing commercial building extents under the existing scenario; thus, an existing building envelope had to be demolished to make provision for a proposed attenuation tank.
    • All proposed drainage had to be located internally due to limited external space under the proposed scenario.
    •  Coordination of proposed drainage alignments with external design team proposals.
    •  Setting proposed FFL for 2 multi story residential flat units along the red line boundary, as the red line boundary extents were equal to the proposed building extents for both units.