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Drainage Detailed Design Services

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•  Drainage Detailed Design Services

The brief

Civilistix Consulting Engineers were appointed to prepare a detailed drainage and external hardstanding engineering package to help deliver 2 residential units on a brownfield site.

What we did

The existing brownfield site consisted of a residential house, which was demolished. All existing statutory infrastructure and existing drains were grubbed out up until the demarcation chambers of the property.

Our fully coordinated drainage solution utilised a gravity drained foul and surface water network for both proposed houses. Surface water was attenuated via lined permeable blockwork, of which each house was regulated by their own flow control demarcation manhole, before entering the public sewer infrastructure. We applied to Thames Water, on behalf of the client, to agree private connections made to the public drainage infrastructure.

We provided finished ground levels for the proposed development. As part of our design, we carefully co-ordinated with existing trees and other existing site constraints to ensure an optimal levels solution was created.