Case Study

Active Spring Company, Essex

Drainage Detailed Design

Services offered;

  • Surface Water Drainage Detailed Design
  • Earthwork Design

The brief

Civilistix Consulting Engineers were appointed to undertake detailed drainage design for a proposed warehouse extension at the Active Spring Company, Gt Thaxted.

What we did

Infiltration testing was initially undertaken confirming infiltration disposal was not feasible. In line with the next preference of the surface water discharge hierarchy, we therefore progressed a connection to a nearby private watercourse.

The connecting watercourse was shallow and around a 1m level difference existed between the proposed extension building FFL and the existing ground (due to the extension building FFL needing to match the existing building FFL). To provide a full gravity solution therefore, we proposed ground raising to the back of the extension building to accommodate a geo-cellular storage attenuation tank.

The existing soil properties made it acceptable for reuse as fill material in proposed earthwork operations, simplifying the task and reducing the surplus spoil volume created from the works.

Our solution prevented pumping surface water, making the system more sustainable, cost effective and reliable over its design life.