Belsars Hill Stud, Willingham

Detailed Surface Water (SuDS) & Foul Water Drainage Strategy

Services offered

  • Detailed Surface (SuDS) and Foul Water Drainage Package

The brief

Civilistix Consulting Engineers were appointed to prepare a detailed surface and foul water drainage package and highway design input for a replacement Stables Block including associated hardstanding and access road

What we did

Given infiltration discharge was not visible on this site due to the site being located on clay we proposed a controlled discharge of 2l/s to an existing water course abutting the site.

We proposed permeable paving to all proposed external hard standing areas providing most of the attenuation storage required and treatment to runoff. The remainder off the attenuation storage was provided using offline geo-cellular storage tanks located underneath the proposed car parking areas.

Our drainage strategy was accepted first time and was a significant improvement to the existing site which did not utilise a positive drainage system.