Case Study

Buckmore Park, Petersfield

Full Civil Engineering Package

Services offered

  • Drainage & Hardstanding Planning condition discharge
  • Drainage Hardstanding and Plot Engineering Detailed Design

The brief

Civilistix Consulting Engineers were appointed to initially coordinate planning drainage matters across the full site and then to undertake detailed drainage and hardstanding design for a proposed ~0.5 ha car storage garage.

What we did

Given hardstanding and building footprint essentially made up the full site area, we proposed permeable hardstanding to much of the external hardstanding space including the use of permeable paving, gravel and concrete areas. Given existing pavement formation CBR values were ~2%, the pavement construction needed to be relatively thick anyway from a structural perspective and by using permeable sub-base, a significant amount of storage could be generated without increasing cost.

The remainder of the attenuation storage was created from geo-cellular storage crates underneath the forecourt area.

Levels were carefully designed to maximise the storage potential of permeable paving and to allow level threshold to all accesses.