California Road, Huntingdon

Drainage and Private / Adoptable Highway Design

Services offered

  • Adoptable & Private Highway Design
  • Detailed Surface (SuDS) and Foul Water Drainage Package

The brief

Civilistix Consulting Engineers were appointed to prepare a detailed surface and foul water drainage package and highway design input for a residential development consisting of ~60 units including associated hardstanding, access, and POS areas

What we did

Due to the limited green space within the proposed development and the existing site levels, we came up with a SuDS surface water drainage strategy which fully utilised permeable paving within all private hard standing areas, providing a significant portion of the sites required attenuation volume. To serve the adopted highway area and to provide the residual attenuation volume required for the development, we prepared design of a large attenuation storage tank (put forward for adoption by Anglian Water) making a controlled outfall to the surface water public sewer (since infiltration was not feasible and no watercourses were within vicinity of the site).

Our Drainage strategy was accepted by the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) first time round, and we believe is a good example of how SuDS can be implemented and agreed on developments with high build densities preventing more conventional open SuDS structures such as basins and swales being utilised.