Kersey Mill, Ipswich

Flood Risk Assessment (FRA)

Services offered

  • Flood Risk Assessment to support a full Planning Application

The brief

Civilistix Consulting Engineers were appointed to undertake a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) to support commercial and residential development at this prestigious, grade 2 listed site within flood zone 3.

What we did

As of Planning Policy Guidance (PPG) as well as local requirement, we established the likelihood of flooding to the proposed development from all sources including, fluvial, pluvial, reservoir, groundwater, and artificial flooding.

We established the likely flood levels during a variety of storm events to understand the severity of flooding should it occur and to help steer the location of development. This exercise concluded in the most vulnerable development, the residential element, being located within the areas of site at lowest flood risk.

Our overall flood mitigation measures included building up floor levels to eliminate flooding from all but the most severe storm events, physical design measures integrated within the building fabric, implementation of management measures such as signing up to flood warnings, and a bespoke flood evacuation plan.