Monument Houses

External hardstanding and drainage detailed design services

Services offered

  • Private External Hardstanding Design Services
  • Private Drainage Detailed Design Services

What we did

Civilistix Consulting Engineers were appointed to deliver the above-mentioned services for the creation of a no2 residential blocks along with associated car and cycle parking, pedestrian accessways and other external hardstanding area.

The brief

Our external hardstanding detailed design package included the preparation of a surface and kerbing general arrangement plan and corresponding full depth pavement and kerbing construction details. This included the proposed construction make-up and material thicknesses based on underlying ground conditions and the proposed use and potential surface loading of each hardstanding area. Furthermore, we prepared a finished site level plan showing site levels and gradients within all hardstanding areas.

Our drainage detailed design package included a proposed surface water network designed to accommodate the critical 100yr + 40% design event, draining all roof and external hardstanding via gravity and discharge via an existing 225 diameter surface water drain. Our proposed private foul water drainage network entailed draining all housing units via gravity to a foul water treatment plant whereby foul flows were treated and discharged via gravity to the existing 225 diameter surface water drain outflowing to the sea (due to no foul water sewers within vicinity of the site in which to otherwise make a connection).

Challenges faced on this site involved integrating proposed drainage services and proposed levels with significant portions of no dig areas imposed by Historic England’s Archaeology department.