Orion House Fire Access, London

Private Highway & Drainage Design Package

Services offered

  • Private Hardstanding & Drainage Design Package
  • Swept Path Analysis (Vehicle Tracking)

The brief

Civilistix Consulting Engineers were appointed to prepare a design for an emergency fire tender access serving Orion House, an existing high-rise block of flats.

What we did

We designed the horizonal and vertical alignment of the fire access in full accordance with London Fire Bridge (LFB) design guidance. We then obtained the geometric dimensions of the preferred fire appliance from LFB and undertook a full swept path analysis (vehicle track) of our design to ensure it could satisfactorily accommodate the preferred LFB fire vehicle.

Further to demonstrating sufficient geometry, we prepared a detailed pavement and drainage design package and sent to LFB to secure technical approval for the works.

The fire access generated additional impermeable area and to accommodate this, we provided a filter drain which acted as both attenuation and as a conveyance feature. It was accepted by LFB we could design the drainage system a the 1 in 10 year storm event (opposed to a more severe storm event), reducing the size and capacity of the drainage system required, saving the client cost and time.

Due to an imminent construction start date, we managed to turn around our full design package and obtain approval from LFB within a month of our commissioning.