Sand Martins Golf Club, Wokingham

Drainage & Transport Planning Condition Discharge, Site Wide Drainage & External Hardstanding Detailed Design and S278 Highway Approval

Services offered

  • Drainage & Transport Planning Condition Discharge
  • Site Wide Drainage & External Hardstanding Detailed Design
  • S278 Highway Approval

The brief

This site was for the creation of a new clubhouse and restaurant, venue building and associated external hardstanding area including ~100 space car parking, associated access road and pedestrian accessways & creation of a new groundkeeper’s compound and associated concrete service yard.

Civilistix Consulting Engineers were appointed to initially provide planning condition discharge for all Highway and Drainage items and subsequently to prepare detailed drainage and external hardstanding design packages for tender and construction.

What we did


We carried out a detailed surface water drainage design encompassing numerous SuDS components including permeable paving, geo-cellular storage, an attenuation basin and roadside swales. Our surface water drainage design ensured the 100 year plus climate change allowance was accommodated whilst providing exceedance flow to any storm which exceeded this threshold in accordance with current best practice.

An external service yard area was also proposed. Due to runoff from this area being of greater contamination risk, we proposed flows to pass via a full retention oil separator prior to release into the SuDS network.

To accommodate increased foul water effluent, we designed a new foul water pump station which connected to an existing rising main which discharged flows offsite to the Thames water public sewer. Due to the large increase in flows and to guard against pump failure, our design encompassed an offline foul water emergency storage tank.


A new access was required from the proposed green keepers’ compound to Evendons Lane, a public highway. This was prepared by Civilistix under a S278 agreement. The S278 works involved the crossing of an Ordinary watercourse. Further to obtaining S278 technical approval of the works, Civilistix engaged with Workingham Borough Council to obtain approval for the culverting of the Ordinary watercourse.