Sawmills, Biggleswade

Detailed Haul Road Design Package

Services offered

  • Detailed Highway Design Package

The brief

Civilistix Consulting Engineers were appointed to prepare a detailed haul road design for an existing track ~1km in length linking an existing Sawmills building to the public Highway

What we did

To inform our design, we specified a ground investigation (including existing coring samples, infiltration, and water table information), an arboriculturist report (to identify the extent of existing root protection zones) and a speed survey at the connection point with the public highway (to verify the speed and hence extent of required visibility splays).

Based on all the existing constraints and the client’s requirements we then came up with a design which satisfactorily accommodated them and the site conditions.

This included utilising infiltration discharge, working with the existing pavement construction to ensure a cost-effective design, aligning the access road to reduce impacts on RPZs and utilising pavement materials which suited the clients sustainability objectives.

To ensure the haul road was geometrically suitable for the required design vehicle, we vehicle tracked the layout including manoeuvring into and out of the several passing bays along the hauls roads length to confirm their operational effectiveness.