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Adoptable (S278/S38) Highway Design

Adoptable Highway Works

We have significant experience undertaking highway design from simple vehicle crossovers to large scale access junctions. Regardless of the design code being used, our goal is always the same; to get technical approval as quickly and effortlessly as possible from the Highway Authority. We always put our client’s best interests at heart and deliver highway design solutions which are proportionate to the quantum of development in which they serve.

We have prepared hundreds of technical approvals and dealt with many local Highway Authorities on numerous occasions. This gives us insight into their specific requirements and way of working which consequently increases the level of service we can offer.

All our highway design packages are prepared using latest highway design and 3d modelling software providing standardised designs every time.

If highway works are proposed within the existing public highway, these works would need to be progressed under Section 278 of the Highway Act 1980 (S278).

If new highway works are proposed outside the existing highway boundary and typically serves more than 5 units or otherwise provide strategic purpose, they can be considered for adoption by the Local Highway Authority typically under Section 38 of the Highway Act 1980 (S38).

Once a highway becomes adopted, the Highway Authority takes on all future maintenance of the new highway relinquishing the responsibility from the developer. For the Highway Authority to adopt a highway, it will need to meet predefined technical standards. Technical adoption standards differ county to county although estate road design would typically be prepared in accordance with Manual for Streets or local estate road design guidance. Larger highway infrastructure design such as roundabouts and dual carriageways would be prepared in accordance with the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB).

Our Highway Design Process

Once we come onboard a project, we will prepare initial general arrangement plans which we will agree with Highways in advance of our more technical plans being produced. Often and where possible by holding a pre-consultation meeting. From our experience, we often foresee hurdles the scheme will need to navigate early on. Raising and agreeing a way forward with Highways at this early stage is excellent at preventing abortive design works later saving time and cost to the project.

The comprehensiveness and scope of a detailed highway design adoption package varies and would be agreed in advance with Highways but typically would include the following plans;

  • Detailed General Arrangement Plans,
  • Swept Path Analysis
  • Horizontal & Vertical Road Design,
  • Earthwork Extents & Specification,
  • Pavement Design
  • Signage & Lining Plans
  • Highway Drainage Plan
  • Highway Cross Sections & Standard Details
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