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Vehicle Tracking Assessments

Civilistix Consulting Engineers provides cost-effective vehicle tracking assessments for all types of hardstanding areas including junctions, link roads, car parks and service yards. We provide Vehicle Tracking Assessments using latest industry design software either as part of our detailed highway design packages, to support Transport Assessments or to verify masterplan production or other planning requirement as a standalone service.

Where modifications are required to a layout, we will clearly identify these to you and provide alternative options for geometry taking into account the design code being used.

Vehicle Tracking Assessment

The purpose of a Vehicle Tracking Assessment is to ensure the largest design vehicle expected to access a road, car park or service yard can do so within the designed geometry. Vehicle tracking software mimics real life vehicle turning characteristics, meaning a Vehicle Tracking Assessment eliminates the need to physically build and then drive a portion of hardstanding to check its geometric compliance.

Carrying out a Vehicle Tracking Assessment at the design stage allows quick adjustment to the hardstanding design so that once a piece of hardstanding in built, it will satisfactorily be able to accommodate the required vehicle manoeuvres anticipated.

This is particularly important when adopting a Manual for Streets (MfS) design approach when designing new streetscapes which has become popular with Local Councils in recent time. Under a Manual for Streets design approach, geometry of streets and vehicle spaces are often designed entirely on the turning characteristics of the largest vehicles which must access them. In order to arrive at suitable geometry therefore, all hardstanding geometry must be tracked in advance often prior to planning being granted.

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