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Infiltration & Percolation Testing

BRE 365 Infiltration & BS 6297 Percolation Testing

In order to demonstrate the infiltration feasibility of the ground for the purposes of surface water drainage design.  It is often necessary to undertake infiltration tests in accordance with BRE 365 specifications.

Similarly, if proposing the use of foul water drainage fields.  Percolation testing to BS 6297 should be undertaken to inform the infiltration rate of the underlying ground.

We carry out these test to support surface and foul water drainage design in full accordance with underlying requirements and specifications, ensuring rates are fully accepted by approval authorities first time round and ensuring drainage infrastructure is sized correctly.

Our service includes trial pit data sheet/s identifying strata and thickness encountered, photographs of testing, technical note identifying calculated infiltration rate and recommendations on surface water disposal based on infiltration rates identified.

All our BRE 365 infiltration and BS 6297 Percolation testing reports are fully reviewed and signed off by a chartered civil engineer.

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